People’s Republic of China (PRC China)

PRC China Attestation & Apostille Services

Documents to be legalised for use in PRC China need first to be sent to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to be apostilled and then presented to the Consulate of China for attestation/legalisation.

Apostille Fees

The fee is £30 (standard service) or £75 (premium service)

Attestation Fees

The fee payable is £15 (Standard service) or £30 (Express service) for individual documents such as birth certificates and educational documents.

For corporate documents, the fee payable is either £25 (Standard service) or £40 (Express service).

Please note: personal documents if legalisation is for the purposes of a job application in China, the consulate will charge the corporate fee for legalisation.


Express service: 2-3 working days

Standard service: 4-5 working days


When submitting corporate documents, the Chinese Consulate will need the ID for a director, proof of directorship and the certificate of incorporation of the company.

When submitting personal documents, the Chinese Consulate will need the ID for the individual, the educational documents being attesting must bear the same name as in their passport. Please contact us for more information.

Important Note: The Chinese Consulate will not legalise documents with a connection to Taiwan or if they mention Taiwan within the contents.